Jaan Bujh Kar is a Hindi web series released in 2022 on the OTT platform Voovi. The series is directed by Ashish R. Shukla and stars Jinnie Jaaz and Deepak Dutt Sharma in the lead roles. The series is a romantic thriller that revolves around a couple who are deeply in love but are also caught up in a dangerous web of lies and deceit.


The series begins with the introduction of the two main characters, Rima (Jinnie Jaaz) and Raj (Deepak Dutt Sharma). Rima is a beautiful and intelligent young woman who is working as a teacher. Raj is a handsome and charming young man who is working as a businessman. The two of them meet and fall in love instantly.

However, their love story is not without its challenges. Rima’s family is against their relationship because Raj is from a lower social class. Additionally, Raj is also hiding a dark secret from Rima. He is involved in a criminal racket and is being hunted by the police.

Despite all of these challenges, Rima and Raj’s love for each other remains strong. However, their relationship is put to the test when Rima discovers Raj’s secret. She is torn between her love for him and her sense of right and wrong.


The series explores a number of themes, including love, betrayal, and sacrifice. It also examines the social stigma associated with inter-caste marriages.


  • Jinnie Jaaz as Rima
  • Deepak Dutt Sharma as Raj
  • Dheeraj Narang as Rima’s father
  • Anjali Pandey as Rima’s mother
  • Rajeev Verma as Raj’s father
  • Neha Saxena as Raj’s mother


The series can be downloaded from a number of websites, including RemaxHDUllu, and Movierulz. However, it is important to note that these websites are not legal and downloading content from them may be illegal in your country.


Jaan Bujh Kar is a well-made web series with strong performances from the lead actors. The series is sure to keep viewers engaged with its suspenseful plot and realistic portrayal of relationships.


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Additional Information:

  • The series consists of 8 episodes, each with a runtime of approximately 25 minutes.
  • The series is rated 18+ for mature content.
  • The series is available in Hindi with English subtitles.


I do not condone or promote piracy in any way. The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only.

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