Irudhi Suttru (English: The Fighter) is a 2016 Indian Tamil-language sports drama film written and directed by Sudha Kongara in her directorial debut. The film stars R. Madhavan, Ritika Singh, Mumtaz Sorcar, Nassar, Zakir Hussain, and Kaali Venkat. It tells the story of Prabhu Selvaraj (Madhavan), a retired boxer who trains Madhi (Ritika Singh), a fish seller with a natural talent for boxing, to become a champion.


Prabhu Selvaraj is a former boxer who was forced to retire from the sport after a serious injury. He now works as a coach at a local boxing club. One day, he meets Madhi, a young fish seller who has a natural talent for boxing. Prabhu sees in Madhi the potential to become a champion, and he convinces her to train with him.

Madhi is initially reluctant, but she eventually agrees to train with Prabhu. She quickly proves to be a natural talent, and she begins to make rapid progress. Prabhu is impressed with Madhi’s dedication and talent, and he pushes her to her limits.

As Madhi’s boxing skills improve, she also begins to develop a close relationship with Prabhu. Prabhu becomes a father figure to Madhi, and he helps her to overcome her personal challenges.

Madhi eventually enters her first boxing tournament, and she wins convincingly. She goes on to win several more tournaments, and she quickly becomes one of the best boxers in the country.

Prabhu is proud of Madhi’s accomplishments, but he is also worried about her. He knows that the boxing world is a tough place, and he doesn’t want her to get hurt.

Madhi eventually qualifies for the national boxing championships. She is determined to win the championship and bring glory to her country. Prabhu is supportive of Madhi’s decision, but he is also nervous.

On the day of the championship fight, Madhi faces a tough opponent. However, she manages to win the fight and become the national boxing champion.

Prabhu is overjoyed with Madhi’s victory. He has finally achieved his dream of training a champion boxer.

Irudhi Suttru Full Movie TamilRockers

Irudhi Suttru was released on 5 July 2016. The film was a critical and commercial success, and it won several awards, including the National Film Award for Best Sports Film.

The film is available to watch on several streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime Video. It is also available to download on several websites, including TamilRockers.

However, it is important to note that TamilRockers is a pirated website. Pirating movies is illegal and unethical. It is also harmful to the film industry, as it deprives filmmakers of the revenue that they need to continue making films.

If you are interested in watching Irudhi Suttru, I recommend that you watch it on a legal streaming platform. There are many great streaming platforms available, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu. These platforms offer a wide variety of movies and TV shows to watch, and they are all very affordable.


Irudhi Suttru is a well-made and inspiring film. It is a must-watch for fans of sports dramas and coming-of-age stories.

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