Happy Go Lucky is a 2014 Punjabi comedy film directed by Amar Hundal and starring Amrinder Gill, Harish Verma, Sumeet Sandhu, Gurpreet Ghuggi, and B N Sharma. The film tells the story of three sisters, each with her own unique dreams and aspirations, and their search for love and happiness.


The film opens with the introduction of the three sisters: Isha (Isha Rikhi), who dreams of becoming a doctor; Simran (Shruti Sodhi), who wants to be a singer; and Neha (Dakshita), who desires to marry an NRI.

Isha is the eldest sister and is the most responsible of the three. She is studying hard to get into medical school, but she also has a secret passion for music. Simran is the middle sister and is the most carefree of the three. She loves to sing and dance, but she is not very serious about her studies. Neha is the youngest sister and is the most materialistic of the three. She dreams of marrying a wealthy NRI and living a lavish lifestyle.

The three sisters live with their father (BN Sharma), who is a widower. He is very supportive of his daughters and wants them to achieve their dreams. However, he is also worried about them and wants them to be happy.

One day, Isha meets a handsome young man named Karan (Amrinder Gill). Karan is a doctor and is immediately smitten with Isha. Simran also meets a young man named Sukhi (Harish Verma). Sukhi is a singer and is drawn to Simran’s beautiful voice. Neha meets a wealthy NRI named Vikram (Sumeet Sandhu) and the two quickly fall in love.

The three sisters are all happy with their new relationships. However, things soon start to go wrong. Isha discovers that Karan is already engaged to another woman. Simran finds out that Sukhi is only interested in her singing career and not in her as a person. Neha learns that Vikram is not as wealthy as he claimed to be.

The three sisters are heartbroken and disillusioned. They start to question their dreams and aspirations. However, with the support of their father and each other, they are able to overcome their setbacks and find happiness in their own unique ways.


Happy Go Lucky explores a number of themes, including:

  • The importance of family and friendship
  • The pursuit of dreams and aspirations
  • The power of love and forgiveness
  • The importance of self-acceptance


  • Isha (Isha Rikhi): The eldest and most responsible sister. She dreams of becoming a doctor.
  • Simran (Shruti Sodhi): The middle and most carefree sister. She loves to sing and dance.
  • Neha (Dakshita Kumaria): The youngest and most materialistic sister. She dreams of marrying a wealthy NRI.
  • Karan (Amrinder Gill): A handsome young doctor who is smitten with Isha.
  • Sukhi (Harish Verma): A young singer who is drawn to Simran’s beautiful voice.
  • Vikram (Sumeet Sandhu): A wealthy NRI who falls in love with Neha.

Critical Reception

Happy Go Lucky was released to mixed reviews from critics. Some critics praised the film’s lighthearted humor and positive message. Others criticized the film’s predictable plot and stereotypical characters.

Box Office

Happy Go Lucky was a commercial success at the box office. It grossed over ₹20 crore worldwide.

How to Download Happy Go Lucky Full Movie OkPunjab

To download Happy Go Lucky full movie OkPunjab, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the OkPunjab website.
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The movie will start downloading to your computer. Once the download is complete, you can open the movie file and watch it.


Happy Go Lucky is a lighthearted and heartwarming comedy film that explores the importance of family, friendship, and self-acceptance. The film is a good watch for those who are looking for a feel-good movie with a positive message.

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